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Originally Posted by wrayclark91 View Post
Engrish answers are in red.

1. Does this unit support OBD (on board diagnostics) for the BMW E46?
1,yes,it support.
2. What bluetooth module do you use and is it phonebook compatible?
2,bluetooth 2.0. and compatible with phonebook function.
3. Does your unit have a dual radio tuner?
4. Do you have the user manual in a format that you could email to me? Preferable English but I will take it in any language available.
4,no have PDF file now,it only a book. is english version.
I don't want to pee on you bonfire but I would take anything that the Chinese "salespeople" say with a large pinch of salt.

If these units had had OBD, phone book and dual radio tuner then those facilities would have been mentioned in the item description. Also, there is no sign of any OBD option in the screen shot.

IMHO, I doubt that these units have either OBD or dual tuner - phonebook is a possibility.

I also doubt that these are Dynavin units. The front ports are in different locations so the front PCB is at least different.

All that said, assuming that the unit works OK and the quality is good, then these are a good alternative to the Dynavin or Hualingan.

I look forward to your review and me being proven wrong
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