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Originally Posted by 323I00 View Post
Subd... Flash having worked In the transport field for a good part , You can claim all damaged goods provided proof , Hence If you have any pics of the Item prior to It being sent out helps , If you have a documented contract from whom ever you purchased the block from saying that theres no damaged parts and that theres no leaks can save you alot.

I would have a look Into It ..
Originally Posted by lab rat View Post
Good news, sort of.
Post some pics. Inspect the oil filter housing. Mine was cracked and I didn't notice until the engine was in the car.
The problem with claiming damage is that packing is shippers responsibility. If they didn't strap it down then it's their fault. I would contact the seller and get the broken pieces replaced (if it's a wrecking yard they should have some spares)
thanks guys. I will upload the pictures tonight. I just contacted the seller and lets see if they get defensive or is willing to make everything right.

I still can't work on my engine cuz I still need to clear coat my garage floor but tomorrow I might remove the following to inspect for potential problems:

intake manifold: check for carbon deposit on the valves and inside the intake air channels

valve cover gasket: check for sludge

oil pan: check for the oil pump nut

more to come
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