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There is no doubt that you are doing other users a big favour here by being the first to try one of these. If it works out well then there should be a lot of beer tokens heading your way

The Android specs are definitely better. The Dynavin Android board is barely acceptable at this point.

As for OBD, there are some pics of the main UI and no sign of OBD on there.

Originally Posted by wrayclark91 View Post
Oh I am fully aware that I could be getting ripped off. Hence why I didn't spend any money that I couldn't afford to burn on it. I figure if it works out (or doesn't) I'm doing people here a favor and I'm getting a possibly superior product than anything else out there that I have come across.

As far as OBD not being in the picture I think is because the only picture that they have of this unit is the "NAV" side aka android side of the device which doesnt display the OBD.

And the PCB probably is different. It has a faster newer cpu, more ram and built in wifi.

I had a back and forth conversation with the guy for awhile and he seemed rather competent so I'm pretty optimistic at this point

I have a feeling that the next version of dynavin will be these specs

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