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Originally Posted by JJR4884 View Post
he eats just as much healthy food, natural, etc... as he does fattening food. the drinking, i'll say... is definitely a norm, but look at him and look at paula. she is a butterball!

she markets, and profits, off of the most disgusting, gluttonous, sin of food you could possibly imagine.
Oh yeah, Paula Deen is absurd in every way. But Bourdain bugs the crap out of me, too, so I gotta get my digs in.

I think he pissed me off in one of his Mexico episodes where he went to the birthplace of the nacho. He showed a guy making nachos - laying a single jalapeno slice and some nasty cotadilla cheese on each chip. Looked like the crappiest nachos ever made. Then he goes across the border to the US and makes fun of a Chilis and rants about how crappy their food is. I haven't been to a Chilis in 10 years, but seriously - you KNOW Chilis probably makes killer nachos. It's probably the one thing they actually make really good. He's just too hipster for his own good sometimes.
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