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Originally Posted by flashtwosix View Post
mini update: The M54B30 ZHP engine is already here in OKC. Maybe I will get it on Monday and not Tuesday.

Without proper/custom tunning or running a dedicated MS43 or MS45 setup I will not run this engine at its max efficiency/performance. However, I will be content if I get some low end performance (especially more torque) while running my MS42 Map. Of course custom tunning or MS43 or MS45 is a MUST but that won't be later down the road.
I wouldn't even consider the MS45.1 It was merely a ECU rev that only made it into the US to further tighten emissions. Stick to the MS43 and have it tuned to match the ZHP cams. EU Markets never received the MS45.1 ECU.

Good luck on the swap flash!
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