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Today I decided to tear down the engine to inspect for sludge, see if the oil pump nut is loose, and see if there are excessive carbon built up on the valves. I checked everything that was mentioned and I am very happy with the outcome. there are no sludge in the valve cover/camshaft. the valves had very minimal carbon built up but my valves on my M52TU looks x10 much better. I guess it pays to use Top Teir gasoline (shell, chevron, etc) and use Techron/BG 44K during every oil change. the intake manifold and and fuel injectors had a lot of carbon built up but since I am going to use my intake manifold (M54B30) I have nothing to worry about. I am already running a M54B30 intake manifold in my M52TUB25 engine and it is x10 times in better condition. My fuel injectors are also in x10 better conditions (cosmetically. need a spray test to verify). Again, it pays to use use good gasoline and engine treatment. Later on I removed the engine pan to check for the oil pump nut and it was tight! This mean that the previous owner didn't speed lot of times on 6000+ RPM. I am still debating whether I should weld the nut or not and whether to upgrade to the ATI super damper.

anyhow..on to the pictures:

I used the four bolts and holes to mount my engine stand to the block. the bolts I use are from my transmission bell housing and the holes are to mount the engine block to the tranny.

The Harbor Freight 1000lbs engine stand ($59) requires a little modification to mate with the BMW engine. I dremel off .5 inch on all the mounting brackets but in actuality I just need to remove .25inch from the two top bracket (red color)

Use a grinder to smooth things out. Can you see which one I use a grinder on and which I didn't?

Here is the finish product. again, red on top and uses the shorter transmission bolt. green is on bottom and uses the longer transmission bolt. the bottoms brackets use the horizontal groves and the top brackets use the slanted groves.

Here is what it looks like when the brackets/plate are installed. again, you just need to dremel .25 inch off on the top bracket and you should be good to go. Since I removed .5 inch I ended up using washers to bridge the gap.

here I am trying to transfer the engine from the cherry picker (harbor freight. 2 tons. $150) to the engine stand

I removed the water pump pully and thermostat since it was both damaged during shipment. I am going to reuse my thermostat from my M52TU engine and my Stewart Water Pump.

decided to drain the engine block. It seems like the previous owner did not use BMW fluid. the color was very light green. BMW fluid is more bluish

Here is the the BMW water pump. BMW uses composite impellar on their WP now. when the BMW water pump came out they used metal impellar but changed to plastic impellar. these two changes did help with the WP failures (metal ruin the bearings and plastic broked) so BMW finally swap to their composite impellar.

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