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I removed the M54B30 drive by wire throttle body. I am going to use my mechanical throttle body instead. I always like the feeling of the mechanical linkage and always hated the drive by wire.
the throttle body is 3 inches. 323/325/328 TB are 2.5 inch

MS45 and MS45.1 moved the Air Intake Temperature sensor from the intake manifold to the MAF. MS42 and MS43 has the IAT sensor in the middle of the intake manifold. Since this engine is from MS45.1 there is no IAT in the intake manifold. Instead, it just have a plug.

after I removed the 330 intake manifold I shine a flashlight inside the the intake ports to inspect the valves. There are minimal carbon built up but it is not as clean as my engine.

330 at 90,000 miles

323 at 125,000 miles

I removed the valve cover. NO SLUDGE. I am so happy!

I took a few pictures of the camshafts to see if I could pull any reference to proof that I have a ZHP. All the number on my camshaft does not come up with anything. The BMW performance camshafts have different numbers and I do not see those numbers anywhere on my camshafts.

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