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Originally Posted by dreyo27 View Post
i meant to an extent... u dont see formula 1 doing 30 percent... or grand am, even the hicks in nascar know better then you!!!!

A tire with a lower aspect ratio responds to lateral force more effectively than a tire with a higher aspect ratio. The aspect ratio affects steering stability. Generally, the shorter the sidewall, or the lower the aspect ratio, the less time it takes to transmit the steering input from the wheel to the tread. The result is quicker steering response. Aspect ratio also affects the tread contact patch. As a rule, a low profile tire produces a wider tread contact patch. This wider tread contact patch creates a stiffer footprint that reduces distortion and provides improved cornering traction. Aspect ratio also impacts ride. A low profile tire usually has a stiffer ride than the standard aspect ratio of 75 or more.
Nice try, though. And yeah, it's probably more important to get a nicely-contructed tire with a stiff sidewall versus a cheaply-made low-profile tire.

To answer your question, OP, h3ll no they won't fit, for all the reasons I listed in my first response. If you're bending wheels on the potholes around here, you are not paying enough attention while driving, or your wheels are crap. Sorry.

This thread is a perfect example of why this forum used to be way cooler. Monster truck tires on an e46, lulz.
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