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The thread doesn't die, I've been posting there recently. If you're not following the "Just updated my DME!!!" thread by newtoe46, you're missing out on a lot.
TerraPhantm and a few other members have contributed some very useful info.

My DIY on How to flash to EU2:

1) Purchase the cable/software combo posted at the top of this thread, from the Romanian seller.

2) Follow the included video tutorials and install all software packages. Ensure they work.

3) Visit http://bmwfans.info and click on your E46 model, choosing EUROPE as the country.

4) Click on "Engine electrical system" then "Control unit DME, programmed". Note the serial number of the appropriate tune you want.

5) Open up WinKFP and enter the last 7 digits of that serial number when "Enter ZUSB" prompt comes up.
- Ensure you disable UIF writing
- Ensure you select LOW BAUDRATE before flashing

6) The flash will begin, it will take around 20 mins for the first stage, and around 3 for the second stage.
- Ensure you have a battery charger hooked up to the car supplying a minimum of 10A power.

7) After confirmation message, remove the key from position 2 for a minute and close WinKFP. Start DIS and clear all your adaptation values.

8) Enjoy better idle, torque, and throttle response. Catless headers will no longer trigger a CEL, and the SAP can also be deleted.
- Ensure you only use 91+ octane gas from now on.
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