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here is the update for today. not much going on beside fixing that siezed oil pan bolt. I am starting to stocking up MS43/MS45 parts for the future so I can do a complete/proper swap.

based on my prelim research it seems like MS42 and MS43 wire harness are that of a closer match. MS45 is totally different. My long term goal is to run this engine with MS43 software. MS45 or MS45.1 is way too complicated.

on to the pix

Here are my spare parts that I am saving. All M54B30 DME version use the same fuel injectors (purple) and throttle body. However, DME MS43 and MS45 use different ignition coils and of course coil harness MS43 use a square ignition coils like the 323/328. the electrical plug is rectangular. MS45 uses the circular ignition coil and the electrical plug is triangular. the good news is they all have the same pin layout (3 pins) so there might be a possibility of converting one to the other.

here are the various wire harness that I am collecting. The green arrow shows the ignition coils wire harness.

Red is the fuel injector rails. MS42 and MS45/43 fuel rails are different. MS42 uses a 3/2 valve and does not have a integrated fuel pressure regulator. MS42 has two fuel lines (in and outlet) and MS43/MS45 only has one fuel line running into the rails.

Blue arrow is for the MS45 wire harness. again, this wireharness is totally different and the DME uses different pins #/layout for the same exact sensor. Luckily, I have an extra MS43 wire harness. again, MS43 and MS42 wire harness is a closer match (although not perfect).

Oh can see my starter too. I am going to put that starter away and use it as spare parts

here is my dirty engine. I still need to degrease, power wash, and air spray the engine.

oil start leaking after I removed the oil pan. So guess what did I do to clean up the oil? Cat liter works miracle! and it is much cheaper than those absorbant you buy at the part store.

side note. while trying to search for a used oil pan because I thought mine was defective I found that different M54/M52TU chasis all have different oil pan part number and design. I posted this on its seperate thread but here it is anyway:
I hope this is not a repost and I am sure 99% of you guys will not find this useful but I just discovered something that I think is interesting.

Cliff: BMW makes different oil pan for every models that use the M54/M52TU engines. So for example, just because a 330XI, 530, and a X3 uses the same engine (M54B30) they all have different engine oil pans.

my analysis: although the different oil pans will bolt up exactly to the engine (they all share the same bolt patters and # of bolts), the variation is due to the underneath clearance requires by different models. the engine pan have different dimensions/shape.

why does it matter: well if your decide to replace your engine just make sure you buy the same M54/M52TU (M54/M52TU share the same oil pan) engine from the same exact model. So if you have a 330 makes sure you buy a 330 engine and not from an e39 and so forth. Of course you can always replace the oil pan and you should be good to go.

E39 engine pan: 11131709235

E53 (X5) engine pan: 11137500682

E83 (X3) engine pan: 11137519432

E46 XI (AWD) model: 11137519432

E46 (non AWD) : 11131432703

so why am I busy browsing BMW oil pan? well, my oil pan seems to be painted/coated in the inside and now the paint/coat are cracking. As a result the interior is no longer smooth and there are plenty of cracks, bumps, etc.

I wanted to buy a new oil pan until I realized it cost anywhere from $450-700 from the dealership. OMG

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