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Originally Posted by hassmaschine View Post
Uhm, no. The software is free. You can download it right off the PA Soft website. The adapter is nothing more than an ftdi usb/serial adapter. You arent pirating or cracking any software!
Has anyone who bought PA Soft 1.4 from China disregarded the note on the side of the dongle that says, "Caution: Please use software provided by us only. DON'T use software from others. DON'T update online. If use other software, hardware will be bad, Can't warranty" and downloaded the PA Soft program from and used it instead? The software that comes with the dongle and from the official web site both claim to be v1.4.0, but, the version from China is 29k smaller. I'd like to know if the official software works with the Chinese dongle.
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