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Originally Posted by moiz21 View Post
Unfortunately nothing you can do. I would try to clean the throttle body for now. If the problem returns, I would find a BMW specific mechanic and try to see if they will read the codes for you. Sometimes generic code readers just can't pick up specific BMW codes.
UPDATE: success ***128514; I have cleaned the throttle body and the idle control valve, renews all pipes for the throttle and aifilter box,then bam...turned the key lights ,idle very quite also thrlte response way better also I was struggling too reach 18mpg....only drove to my work to clear the old stored codes and went right up 26mg ....mad what a little clean can do and the throttle flap was filthy and did get a little stuck upon closing ..once cleaned with throttle cleaner opened and closed as it shud... so cleared the codes all gone......and checked it three times.......all gone***128525; and y I was at it I cleared the the inspection light as I'm servicing it prob next week

Thanks is for all the replys and suggestions has worked a treat thanks fellow e6 fanatics***128540;
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