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Another accurate perspective on the e46 in my opinion.
Stepping back one more increment, I believe that most of what you refer to stems from BMW's lack of wanting to go back and reengineer parts that show weaknesses. If they took care of the laundry list weak points, we'd have the new parts to apply and then never have to worry about them again.
Cause in point is the classic window regulator that breaks repeatedly on the same owner's cars. And I'm even surprised the aftermarket has not tackled this part too. Stewart did a new pump that has a much better track record than oem, and the increased price does not stop many of us from switching to it.

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I've owned a 240 series Volvo, a '96 Honda Prelude, a 1966 Chevrolet c10 pick-up and a '91 Subaru Legacy and I currently own a 2000 323i and have NEVER seen a laundry-list of problems/issues to expect like I have for my 323. Having just purchased it the week before Thanksgiving, I've already run into the "common" wet rear floorboards, a massive power-steering leak and a cracked radiator neck. Now don't get me wrong, I love the car, but I would imagine that, for the difference in class/cache that comes along with the brand I would expect a little more by way of reliability/number of headaches. Thankfully, being a mechanic, I'll at least be able to avoid labor costs...
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