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Originally Posted by Lassie View Post
Rajaie, I got a question for you as an expert - it seems that BMW updated VANOS seals for S54 at some point - rings have larger diameter now (one on the bottom is the new one) - can this possibly have any an influence on VANOS issues like eg. bolts, hubs etc.?

There is no design change to the sealing plate. The rubber rings are Buna and they flatten.
Beisan just launched a solution to this. It's a repair kit made of 4 Viton O-rings. You cut out the old sealing plate rubber rings and insert the repair kit O-rings in their place. The O-rings have the same cross section as the new sealing plate rubber rings. The O-rings also have a slight interference with the holes so they stay in the plate.
The S54 solenoid procedure on the website has been updated to include this repair.

I wouldn't expect a leaking plate to have much influence on the vanos function unless it was significantly leaking (streaming).
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