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Steven, I have installed all programs according to the video tutorials and they seem to be running fine. The problem now is that I can't communicate with the car using the OBDII to USB cable.

I have:
- Disabled my firewall and antivirus
- Set VMWare IP settings according to the videos
- Selected COM2 port for the cable, and set latency to 1ms, bitrate to 2048.
- Started IFHSvr32.exe (EDIABAS) and DiagHead.exe (Yellow-head emulator) programs before starting DIS.

These are the screens I get:

Also, when starting INPA with the cable connected to my car, IFHSvr32.exe running, and car key in pos 2, both "Battery" and "Ignition" show "OFF".

Obviously there is something wrong with the communication protocol and the programs cannot interface with my car for some reason. I disabled some of my Win7 (32-bit) services when setting up this laptop, using service tweaker. Any ideas what could be wrong?
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