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i still have it and have been too busy with school to put it on ebay...


i did not list a price on purpose.. i was told that it was a rare item and after being screwed over by a "fellow bmw enthusiast" i felt reluctant to name a price.. i guess i am retarded.

i lost a lot of money in this car so my mind can not function straight. i now drive a fukin mazda.. i will be puting the strut on ebay and i will post a link in here for you guys.

once again, im sorry doesn't really cut it for my attitude but i dont like just getting from point A to point B.. bmw is overpriced for a reason i guess.. you gotta pay to play.. fuk that original owner though.. im going to get either a REAL m3 or another Audi S4 when im 40 years old and have paid off my student loans (im 21 btw)

like father.. like son
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