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Originally Posted by forzam View Post

1. OBD.INI is in your System32 directory as well as /EDIABAS/BIN
2. You added /EDIABAS/BIN to your windows path
3. In the OBD.INI port=COMx (should match what you have in device manager)
4. EDIABAS.INI is correctly edited with diaghead and and port 6801
5. In device settings - Ports - Communications Ports - check that "USE FIFO Buffers" is selected (Also, I believe this should be the same port that your cable is set to)
6. Run /EDIABAS/HARDWARE/OBD/OBDSETUP.EXE and be sure everything is OK

Be sure you can get INPA to run before you tackle GT1/DIS.
Thanks for the reply.

It turned out to be my laptop. Apparently it has a motherboard with master/slave USB ports and I was using the slave. That's the only way I can explain it, think of the USB ports on the back of your desktop having priority over those in the front.

I got INPA and DIS running successfully, even though I edited the OBD.ini to be COM2, and my cable is set to COM1. Weird, I'll change it back to be COM1 as it should be, just curious how both of the programs worked.

Also, once I got into DIS and started fiddling around, I noticed my battery voltage dropped FAST. I was messing around all day using the car battery and it didn't struggle at all until I started doing a diagnosis scan. My Brake, Traction and ABS lights all came on as DIS was doing a scan, I imagine this was because voltage dropped so low? (Cluster test revealed it was 9.5v)
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