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Originally Posted by stevenluczynski View Post
And for number one, just follow the step by step guide on bimmerforums. I'll post a link when I get home.
Also I don't believe the winkfp that came from eBay contains all the necessary daten files, to solve this I just downloaded them from a different source, again I will post how to add all the files when I get home
Correct, it did not come with the E46 daten. Here is the link:!download|48...87234FEB4B|0|0

Now the only problem remaining is found in Step 9 of this guide:

I'm not too sure about editing the "SGIDC.AS2" file, but that's the exact error screen I have that needs to be eliminated.

Also, for anyone else following this thread, I'll add an important quote on how to setup WinKFP for the flash
Originally Posted by TerraPhantm
Extract the SP-Daten-E46.ZIP from one of the Progman DVDs. Start up WinKFP, go to "Import/Export" and point it to the DATA folder inside the one you extracted. After a couple minutes that should complete. Now go to that E46 folder, and find the "SGDAT" folder. Copy the contents of that to C:\EC-APPS\NFS\SGDAT. Go back to the E46 folder and go to "ECU". Copy the contents to C:\EDIABAS\Ecu.

Restart WinKFP. Click "configuration". Make sure "fast baudrate" is unchecked. Make sure "Programming Voltage", "Show Programming Voltage", "Test Checksum", "activate Bootsectorupdate", "UIF Write after data", "UIF Write after Program", and "UIF Write in Comfort Mode" are checked.

Now go to comfort mode. Click "Enter ZUSB". Type in 7837793 and click okay. Click enter VIN and type in the full 17 digits. Hit program. Click okay when it asks you if you're sure. And now wait. After the first stage flashes, it'll ask you againj if you want to update. Click okay. The second stage will flash, and then it'll be done. You should now go into INPA or DIS to reset the adaptions, and then restart your engine.
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