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You might need to add an inductive current loop, however, you can log and monitor Voltage with this meter. You might be able to find something on ebay as well, however, I have 3 of these meters and the software is pretty good. Just note this meter is RS232, so if you do not have a laptop with RS232 you will need a USB to RS232 adapter, they do work with this meter as I have a USB to deal RS232 cable that I have run 2 of these meters from a single machine before.

I did not read the entire thread, but if you do not drive the car often, if it sits for more than 10 days at a time, you need a Battery Tender or solar charger.

Also it sounds like you have a lot of stereo gear in the car, you may have exceeded the alternator output and you may be draining the battery. Also the AGM style batteries have crummy Reserve capacity, you really need a decent lead/acid with a big reserve.

Also study up on the Unloader Relay also called Fuel Injector relay in some of the later models, they can stick and hang, usually they can be swapped with the rear window or horn relay for a test??
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