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EU2 is flashed and running on my DME!

Lets get one thing cleared up. There is a lot of fluff on the CD that comes with the Ebay package if all you're looking to do is flash the DME. You only need two programs, the communication interface, and the E46 "daten":

-WinKFP 5.1.6 (no earlier version than this)
-INPA 5+

I successfully loaded my EU2 version following the instructions in the quote I posted above. It was a pain communicating with the DME and the Ebay seller's software kept giving me troubles.

So this is what I did, I deleted everything out of frustration, and started fresh:

1) Loaded BMW Standard Tools, the most updated version.
2) Next, I installed the EDIABAS protocol, WinKFP and INPA only.
3) After this, just download the E46 daten files and load them into WinKFP using these instructions:
4) Flash using the appropriate settings and a battery charger (once again, follow the tips from TerraPhantm's quote I posted above)
5) Clear adaptations***

After the flash completed its two cycles and I received the confirmation "Programming: OK" message, I disconnected my laptop from the car and took out the key for 5 minutes. Coming back, I expected the car to run rough because adaptations*** had not yet been cleared by me. Nevertheless I wanted to crank it and see what would happen..

Strong crank after strong crank (the car was still on the battery charger at this point), the engine would not start. Nothing, not at all. I thought 2 things could be possible: 1) The DME flash version I used was inappropriate for my car, or 2) The adaptations*** really do need to be cleared.

So I fired up INPA and through a mountain of error messages I cleared all adaptations. I give it another crank.. nothing!. So at this point I start to feel a brick forming in my bowels, since I followed all instructions to a T. I get a random idea to load up PA Soft 1.4 and read any error codes in the DME. They come up... hmm nothing out of the ordinary. I clear them and try to start again, no dice!

Then I notice an option in the DME section of PA Soft: "DME-EWS Adaptations". I click it, and 20 seconds later the message it said adaptations successful. Now I give it a 4th cranking attempt... she lives!. Long story short, I'm not sure how to explain what just happened since I cleared adaptation in INPA and the car would still not fire up. PA Soft saved the day once again!

As for the test drive, the car has noticeably more torque from lower RPM, and my CEL for headers is gone! Now I'll just need an SAP block off plate
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