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JD Potynsky and the crew from NorthernRed training group recently posted an interesting perspective relating to Second and Third Orders of Effect.
It was in reference to this story- http://www.philly.com/philly/news/ho...137837938.html

You must be aware of Second and Third Order of Effect.

When you shoot another driver the finger, tell someone to shut up in the movie theater or cut in to take a parking spot have you analyzed the possible consequences? Are you prepared to respond to them even when it means killing someone?

In this story, from our home-base city of Philadelphia, a young kid never in trouble before curses at a cab while a car with three other youths (with no prior criminal record and in fact considering joining the armed forces) believe he was cursing at them so they exited their vehicle and beat him to death. All three are now under arrest for murder. Their lives over because of Second Order Effect.

You must live a Binary Life: Mind your own business, but when you or your family's lives are threatened and there's no way out -- then, you unleash a s**t storm of violence.

It makes a good point relating to not writing checks your butt can't cash. Everything has a causal effect, but we can never know for certain what the real effect may be. If you make a decision, you must be aware of what could happen as a result- both good and bad. Not only that, but you must be ready to meet those effects. Often times, we consider only one option for response when we should be doing everything we can to consider multiple response options. Maybe sometimes exercising the Nike defense is the best option; but if it isn't, at least you're prepared.
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