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Originally Posted by JRMcDaniel View Post
Well, I'm the Jason at Vorshlag that some of the guys spoke to.

We aren't developing this in-house. We know suspensions. We don't have the knowledge to built a SFI approved engine damper without some help. We are working with a company who makes a LOT of SFI dampers and some OEM dampers to get this to market. Our target price is less than $500 and so far it looks like we are well below that. Our schedule is to have a beta version on the road by the end of March. If that works out we will be offering them through the shop. Since our supplier had made a huge number of other SFI dampers we expect the damping part and the pulley profile to be spot-on. Our concerns are the snout fitment.
That sounds good, and I wish you great success with your damper.

I am glad to know that this is not something you were trying to do in house.

What type of testing equipment do you plan on using to make sure you have "tuned out" the bad harmonics that plague the M54B30 block & crank ? I'm really hoping Vorshlag's plans aren't to just install it on a test car & beat on that car. Thinking of course, that if your test car doesn't suffer OP/OPN failure you're good to go.

On a side note, since Vorshlag is trying to bring this type of product to market, go the extra mile for the other half of the problem. You guys should develop a cheaper version of the "Super Oil Pump" that costs us $750 right now. Here's the link to detailed photos of the SOP, develop it & bring it to market for $399; you'll sell a lot of them.

Good luck, and welcome to E46Fanatics !

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