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Originally Posted by funny677 View Post
Flash, I hope it is the LCM inexpensive fix. I have one addition that I forgot to mention. When I was swapping everything and checking everything, both lights were on for a few minutes, but the red headlight warning light on the dash was STILL on when both headlights were working. Does this help the diagnosis? I'm really hoping its the LCM.

the warning lights on the dash is a tell tell sign that you might have a defective LCM.

LCM is very expensive $200-500 depending on the model (rain, auto lights, xenon, adaptive, etc). You also need to get the LCM coded for your car (vin and mileage).

you can get a used LCM on ebay but this will trigger a mileage tamper light on your instrument cluster.

also...since you have a 2005 model, older LCM version will not work for you (adaptative vs non adapative headlights).

what I recommend is to find a local fanatics and have them swap out your LCM and see if your headlights will turn on. the LCM version doesn't need to be an exact fit (auto lights, rain sensor, adaptive). Just make sure the person you are swapping has xenon and that is it.

removing the LCM is extremely easy and will only take you 5-10 mins. there is just a single large electrical plug (40-60 pins). You need to remove your dash trim to get access to the 2-3 screws that are securing the LCM to your dash.

again...if you dont want to waste money on going to the dealer or indy shop to get a diagnostic then the best bet is swap out your LCM with a friend. if you lived closer I will be more happy to help you out. heck, I even have a brand new (uncoded) LCM in my garage.

I hope this helps. good luck
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