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ok first of all i tried it out today and it was fun

there's one video i took at the beginning of the day just messing around

this is crazy:
near the end of the day i decide to mount it to my board. you're supposed to let the mount adhere for 24 hours. i said eh, 5 min should do it. a couple of runs and it's ok. then i get down to the bottom on another run and it's gone. i ride the lift back up to see if i can see it and it's no where. i'm FREAKING OUT. i felt so sick. it had the whole day of footage on there and i also got it just a day before.

so these two guys come up to me and say "hey we saw you drop it and some guy picked it up" well they happened to have video of the guy who picked it up. orange shirt. only like 2 people there who had orange shirts. so i ask them both and they both say no.
i go up to security and say, "look i think this guy has it. is there anything you can do about it" they were really cool and went and scared the crap out of this kid. he didn't have it.
they ask the only other guy it could be and he also says he doesn't have it.
a couple of minutes later those two skier guys (who originally saw him pick it up) said it was for sure guy #2.

security goes up to him and is like look dude we need to search your car, and if you refuse we're going to file a police report. he walks straight at me and is like "sorry man i feel bad"
i couldn't even really respond i was just on an emotional roller coaster one minute feeling like **** and the next feeling great.

so they walk him to his car where he put it and they brought it right to me.

long story but man it was CRAZY. if it weren't for those 2 guys with the cell phone cam i would be out a gopro and $300+

oh yeah and it was still recording when he picked it up and took it to his car. i have that footage. haha
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