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I'll try and take some pictures of the tips. I will also try and take a video of the sound on my phone. Not today is in garage and can't move it right now.

Things to think about before getting this exhaust.

1. If perfect fitment of tips is important be ready to take it to an exhaust shop to have them readjust it or have them reweld them straight. You know if you OCD and if this will drive you crazy be prepared to make adjustments.
2. Without the rasp pipe it will be loud. Look up posts on the AP exhaust. Its the exact same design made in the same fatory. Sure there is plenty of videos on you tube with the sound.
3. Price - Unless you go with the other cheap ones out there it can't get any cheaper. Quality wise besides the tips it is well made. Welds look great and SS looks great with the Ti-Tips.
4. Brand - If you are into labels it might not be for you. Personally I could careless what the brand is as long as it sounds good and looks good(tips). The Megan racing brand is a love/hate depending on the car community that uses the product.

What I will say is that I was talking with the head of R&D at Megan trying to help them improve the sound. Was pretty cool to hear directly from them through e-mails. I was trying to get them to test out some new designs on my car. I will say just adding straight pipe into section 2 is the problem in their design and sound for the whole cat back. The stock OEM has an H pipe and an additional resonator. This is needed with this system. The H or Y portion is the most important. Without it you can hear the unbalance between both banks of cyclinders going back and forth. Tough to explain, but its noticeable.
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