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Sorry to hear it, Chris.

A couple of things to check, besides replacing broken pulley...and you don't 'need' aluminum...just saying.

Anyway, did you make sure you aligned the pin on the idler pulley with the notch?

Also, you can get the alt mounted, but have it kick out at an angle. Ask me how I know! I was driving 3 months somehow with the alt only mounted with one bolt. It was off by maybe an 1/8"...evidently not enough to kick it off.

Look from the side to make sure things are all aligned.

Also, as I believe this might've been the first time you did this, please don't take offense to my asking if you made a diagram of the routing of the belts...'you' can install them on the wrong way somehow...probably more than one way!

Finally, I think you said you did it all without removing the fan (is that right? You just slipped belt around fan, I guess) Anyway, it's worth it to get the tools you need to get the fan will make things much easier.

My pulleys really did only take about 15 mins. or so...though I have an electric fan that comes out in a minute or two...but the guys with the tools, spend maybe 5 mins. tops getting it out...and then, make sure the fan stays vertical, just like it is in the car, or you can mess up the fan clutch.
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