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Originally Posted by youngproexec View Post
I read all of this. Im sorry for whatever you went through, but was it entirely necessary to publicize this on the forums? First of all, I have no affiliation with Impressive, and if you've seen any of my threads you'd see that Im a Motorcepts "fanboy" all the way. However your talking about a forum sponsor here. With his sponsorship, the forums are enriched with promos and discounts. If you had an issue with John or whomever, you should've dealt with it between the confines of yourself and John. Posting stuff like this on the forums is basically like crying over spilled milk.

Before posting you should've considered the possible 'consequences'. Here are a couple questions to help you know if youd made the right choice:

What do you hope to accomplish by posting this? For John to reverse the present ? Posting stuff like this burns bridges. There will be a time when you'll need someone to help you out in a bind, but by posting and publicizing your 'unfortunate' repair issue you'll scare them away. Im sure there are others who are 'silently' watching and you've just ruined any future networking with them. In addition, you've probably burned your bridge with a powerful bmw shop. I understand your fustration, and trust me I've had my fair share, but this was totally unnessecary. John like many others has a business, and if you were that unpleased go somewhere else, Period.
If it turns out that John was doing wrong by you, then he'd pay for it sooner than later dont you think? Karma is a B-I.

Was this nessecary? Have we forgotten about talking in person and resolving issues without internet confrontations? Im sure John will take care of it if you made your demands and expectations known .

All in all, John is a cool guy. Sometimes people get under stress because they have alot on thier plate. Sometimes in life you have to be the bigger person and suck it up. Demand what you want in a respectful way and you'll be sure to get it. John is a stand up guy, and does go out of his way to help out his customers. Talk with him, explain what the issues are and exhaust all other options. In closing, with all this said, you should've just resolved this issue with John and the crew at Impressive. There was absolutely no need to pollute the forums with this. These threads are so annoying because everyone thinks that by posting and bad mouthing someone, especially a forum sponsor that they will get their desires granted.

Everyone remembers the mistakes, but not everyone remembers the good things. That why If im unpleased, I'd discuss it with the person face to face, not on the phone, or over this internet forum, but face to face. If you look at my threads about a shop Im always praising them. No matter who they are. We need to remember the good things... I hope you get this resolved. Good luck

What else does he have left to do besides share his experience to prevent others from having the same issues? If the problems he's had haven't been solved by talking over the past 5 months it's pretty obvious he's pretty much SOL.

It's funny because I'm sure he originally went to Impressive because of what seemed like a great reputation they had on here due to a few fan boys in the past. If he shares his experience, at least it can prevent others from being disappointed in their expectations.
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