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Yea that wheel repair looks like sharpie black marker was used.

Also if the bumper was damaged at the shop why did he have to see it first and complain before it was fixed?

Ive heard stories about this shop before and I even called john once looking for an m54b30 for my dads car, he told me 2500 and I said okay that's way overpriced, and went and picked up a ZHP motor from another shop for 1000.

After my buddies story I was disappointed. he went to get a part and john sold it before he got there when my Friend told him he was almost there was inconsiderate because he told him he was on the way (hour drive from his house)

Good luck fixing your car op if ypu decide to do it on your own I can come and lend a hand if you need one. If I learned anything is if you want something done right you have to do it yourself.

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