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Originally Posted by turbo_f22_pilot View Post
Contact them, make sure it will work with your year Nav.

I'm quite positive that the 2010 & 2011 BMW Navigation updates won't work with E46 MkIV units. I think you can use the maps. That was one ofthe reasons I decided not to go with a BMW Navigation update / upgrade and started down the Car PC path until the Dynavin came out.

But check to be absolutely sure. Things have been known to change.
They never made any update past the v32, unless its a modified version of the v32. You can still get updated map discs but they're no longer made by Navteq, Teleatlis is the new provider. You would have the get the appropriate disc for your nav MKIII= CD Rom disc which is an 8 disc set or MKIV= DVD which is a 2 disc set I believe.

Originally Posted by k3m0-330i-e90 View Post
hey guys i downloaded the BMW Navigation OS - v32 (Night Mode MK3 Only - MODE2/FORM1) Worked great then i dont know why i put BMW Navigation OS - v32 (Original) and now my nav is frozen i cant get the cd out???? help please...
Grab a snickers.. You gotta hold the eject button for about 3 minutes, let go, and press it once and the disc will pop out. It may take a few tries. When I had the MKIV dvd drive (prior to dynavin) it took me almost a half hour one time to get the update disc out.
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