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Your post is exactly what is wrong with this forum. You come in here in your 1st post and state the DME programming is corrupt or needs replacement.

This is like saying your car broke down on the side of the road, time to buy a new one! If you have the money and want to do that, then great.

But why not resolve the obvious problems with these cars first. The youngest of these cars is about 6 years old, some are over 12 years old. The rubber hoses and silicon gaskets have served their purpose in these cars and it is time to start replacing them if you expect any kind of reliability. High under hood temps along with hot oil and gasoline vapor deteriorates and compresses gaskets, O-rings and rubber hoses.

If and when my 2006 gets a few more years on it, I plan on wholesale replacing the CCV system, lower intake boot and the SAP vacuum line. The DISA was already replace by the dealer at 45k miles!! But I will replace the O-ring on the DISA when I have to remove it to perform the above mentioned work!

So for you and everyone else who is convinced the problem is far more major, enjoy spending your money and when you finally come to terms that money has not solved your problems, follow my advice and we shall see who's car runs better!

A little bit of rubber goes a long way after 6-8 years!
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