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Can't decide on suspension, GC, AST, KW, anyone have experience with JIC Magic CROSS? Also can't decide how much I want to spend...

Tires came in. For now sticking with street tires to 'learn' the car - Kumho Ecsta XS 265/35/18 all around.

Ordering Turner Reinforcement Kit soon too.

Next thing I can't decide on it whether to just use 4-point harnesses for now, or use 6-point with harness bar or roll bar. I'm not really a fan of bolt-in roll bars, but harness bars don't offer rollover protection, and 4-points obviously aren't as good as 6-points. Very up in the air on this one.

SAP Delete Bracket is being ordered from Germany, should see it by the end of next week.

Taking off Clutch Fan this weekend and ordering SPAL 16" 30102120.

Ordered a bunch of maintenance items and some cosmetic items to replace the sun-baked ones on the car.

More updates to come, some more pictures tonight.

EDIT: The A/C Delete (Lines, Bolts, Compressor, Compressor Bracket & Pulley, Condenser, Receiver Drier) saved 29lbs 10oz. Not bad considering the evaporator is still in the car! Total weight savings should be somewhere around 300-325lbs without doing anything too crazy. Goal is 3000lbs without driver or fuel for the moment.

EDIT2: If anyone was wondering, a stock M3 seat with power, no heat, no lumbar weighs 63lbs. The Sparco w/ all brackets weighs 34lbs. So a savings of 29lbs per piece.

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