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A few of you know I've taken a couple of my cars to Impressive. But I'm not going to start talking about how great they have been for me because this is not my thread, I did that already on my own behalf.

I think its completely fair for people to write about their bad experience, as much as the good ones. As enthusiasts, or at the very least just fellow forum members, I think its great for the community. We buy or don't buy products and services based off of other people's experiences. I don't have a problem with Lennon posting his experience. I remember seeing him there once, and I remember seeing his car there for some time. Great looking car. At the end of the day, its pretty obvious no one wins in these kinds of situations. OP, I hope you do get your car back on the road soon. You seem like someone who takes car of their car and puts the effort to do so.

I can't judge the situation because I wasn't a part of it. The only thing I will say that doesn't seem very fair is that you show a picture of the wheel that you were reimbursed for to have fixed on your own, and show a picture of the damage to your bumper which was later refinished and fixed. So I just don't understand why play both sides.

Every single shop will have its good and bad reviews. OP I hope you get your car back to how you want it and finally get to enjoy it. Best of luck.

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