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If the timing chain guide broke shortly after a rebuild, and it's common on high mileage bmws, then that should have been part of the recipe upon which your costs should have been based...whether it's a $30 part or a $70're right there anyway.

If OP paid for that because it wasn't your fault it broke, I don't think that's entirely true or fair. You have plausible deniability, no doubt, but if a crank cracks, that's a significant thing. Knowing the engine had been tortured thusly, I know if it was your own car, you'd replace every under $100 part in the neighborhood. I know I would if the getting to them was that tough. I know the chain guide probably only took a day to do, but don't charge the guy. You were right would have looked exactly like you expected it to look for a high mileage M. They show signs of wear...I've seen quite a few of them.

Anyway, John, you did very well in acquitting yourself here, I thought, not that you care, but that one thing, for me...that you were focused on the major repair in front of you, admittedly with a tough and educated customer as our OP...eager to get his car out of your shop and on the road, and missed ancillary things that were showing signs of age. I'm not directing that at you as personally as it sounds, as I know your mechanic did the work, but it sounds like you know the car well, so if you hadn't of poked your head in to see what's up, you should have, and if you did, and noticed the worn guides, you should have at least given the OP the option of replacing them for another (insert bargain price here) or not. The guy's car had been in your shop a long time, out of good will, you could have offered him the benefit of savings while you were right there anyway--he had the option to say, "no thanks, I don't want to spend another penny beyond what we agreed" or "thanks for giving me the option, sure, go ahead and replace the guides...anything else you'd recommend?"

Anyway, I also wanted to say that I do think the OP got more upset than necessary over the wheels and bumper...stuff happens!

Anyway, that's what I think from the bleachers, and I wouldn't have said another word if you hadn't of been so forthcoming about wanting feedback on how to improve.

Just those two things:

More oversight

Offer large rebate to OP for your failure to educate him about well known issues that could be fixed inexpensively while you were doing the crank...and, because it took so long.

I don't know how belligerent OP got during your special time together and believe me, I know how pissed that can make someone, but I'm also sure you have ways of ameliorating things...and then, when the coast is clear, get as far away from him as you can!
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