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And free dye and other hoses for this last repair? That was an installation error pal, and the dye was necessary to figure where it was leaking from as it was leaking even though you said you couldn't find a leak, remember? I asked you then if you drove the car to which you swiftly replied, "No i let it run for a few hours" well as I did say it was near the vanos due to the position of the oil drip under the car, and it did happen to be from that area in which you had just serviced, it is your responsibility to give it back to the customer in perfect working order as that is what the customer paid for? I did not pay to have it 80% fixed, or 89% fixed, I paid for professional services which would equate to 100% completed job, no oil leaks, no issues. This is not the case...

Lemmings, rest assured I will be addressing each of you soon enough I did not think anything any of the fan boys said required a direct response at all but certainly not until I got back to IMPRESSIVE against their allegations.

And to those members of the e46 community that have reached out to me via PM relaying their horror stories with this job, I applaud you for standing up and not sitting in silence, collectively I believe we can have some changes made but it's going to take the support of the community.

thank you guys for your continued kind words and understanding of the frustration I went through, money was never the object here at all, I made a HUGE mistake, arguably one of the largest ones in my life because I disregarded the garbage I read about the split between Leo (whom I have never met) and Jon and even some of the horror stories, I instead tried to look on the bright side of things and give them the benefit of the doubt. Live & learn.
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