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what is the tolerance of the 4.7 k resistor hes looks like its brown at 1% 5th color? i dont think it matters guessing this to be a standard watt resistor

the other set up uses 2 100ohm resistors (un occupied passenger) bag wont go off

this one uses 3300 3k3 to 4700 4k7 ohms....and hes using a 47000ohm resistor which is 47k (bag will go off whether there is passenger or not) why the dramatic jump in resistance from 3k3 to 47k i dont know

for those of you that dont know the k in the middle represents a decimal place. they use it for schematics to not make a mistake as decimal symbols are small.

the stripes represent values (ex...{yellow is 4) {purple is 7} and orange represents three zeros behind it meaning 47000)and can be checked by using a resistor color coder easily found online the first 3 stripes are the most important. the 4th one represents a + or - or tolerance and the 5th is just a quality standard and is sometimes not there

i just got a message from andrews2nd3....

"Hey man - I actually used a 1/2 watt, 5% tolerance resistor - radio shack part # 271-1130" read his post below....with the resistor part # and the diode you have all the exact info you need to do this job. You will have to use an srs code reader to turn it off. peake research sells them. but the better diagnostic equipments does autoenginuity

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