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Originally Posted by snikwad View Post
id go with meyle HD control arm bushings theye solid rubber, and not fluid filled like the OE part, so they last longer and arent retarded stiff to drive around town with.

sway links are prolly shot by now, they get noisy in the cold when theyre bad.

i would do the entire control arm that way you can get the ball joints too.
Thanks snikwad, for your input on this matter. However, I am under the impression that poly bushings are far superiour to rubber, even Meyle HDs. As to the sway links, control arm, etc., what I really need to find out is how to diagnose these systems so I know what needs to be replaced. If I can keep some of my stock parts, it might open up my budget to get higher quality parts that I do have to replace. Thank you though, for your input.
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