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Originally Posted by funny677 View Post
Flash and Jdstrick,

Thanks for the notes and attempts to help. However, the angel eyes installation was perfect on my side(it was a manufacturer issue that took months to resolve) and after the result of todays tests with bmw computer and mechanic...... its the LCM plug/pins(pin about half way down plug. But thanks for the vote of confidence and the 2 of you jumping to the conclusion that it was my error. Does everyone else on here think that all of the other fanatics besides themselves are idiots? Or just you 2. Next time you feel the need to comment, save it for an idiot. lol
thanks for the update but there is no need to get defensive. your remarks is inappropriate and I took offense to your comments. I was trying to help (how many other people jumped in and try to assist you?). Anyhow, glad that you got your problem solved.
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