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Originally Posted by Rob43 View Post
Agreed, but an expensive route of obtaining 300 WHP.

If it were me, I'd go this route.

First I'd get the motor breathing as good as possible, cost without installation is about $2800 for items 1-5.

1) Head work: Porting Intake & Exhaust, Race Valve Job, Port Match Intake & Exhaust, Surface / only if needed.

2) Cams: 264/252

3) Header

4) CAI, Long Tube

5) Power Pulleys
************************************************************ **************************
6) Direct Port Nitrous, 35-150 WHP. Your stock internals will handle these numbers when progressively sprayed. So you could easily make more than 300 WHP, & what's even better is the WTQ output of a system like this. I'd go as far as saying that this exact setup on your 2.5L 323 would walk a stock Vette.

A DP nitrous system with all the safety devices would cost $1500-$2000.

Good luck.
I respect your knowledge on the subject of our platforms, and yes what you are recommending is a good path but if he has a decent budget I would just go twinscrew and nitrous.

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