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Thanks for the thread OP! I replaced my DISA O-Ring yesterday with the aforementioned replacement one from O'Reilly's Auto. I noticed that after I installed the new o-ring, it didn't sit flush with the intake port. I lined it up as best as I could, coated the new o-ring with motor oil, and tightened the screws back and fourth to ensure an even fitment. After doing that, I took what I like to call a "dentist mirror" lol and checked underneath the DISA and I noticed that I can see the bottom of the new o-ring as it's not a completely flush fitting with the port. I did however remove the DISA again and tried to reseat it to see if I can get a better fit, but it ended up being the same. I don't know if over time that exposed portion will detoriate due to the elements from the engine bay, but only time will tell. I thought I'd share my personal experience with this. Also wanted to note, I noticed that my low-end torque is a little bit more consistent than it was before.
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