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You have something wrong with your O-ring/DISA installation.

A few things -

1. You need to clean out the old orange silicon sealer in the outer DISA grove, it does not need to be 100% clean, but you cannot have a larger amount of the original silicon still in the groove.

2. You need to clean the main DISA opening well with paper towels to get any of the carbon, oil and deposits cleared out.

3. You need to lube the new O-ring with WD40, oil, silicon spray or silicon grease before re-installation.

4. You need to make sure you do not have a problem with your DISA or something in the back of the DISA slot holding the DISA out of the intake path.

5. You should remove the O-ring and "dry fit" the DISA without the O-ring and make sure the DISA fully seats easily. The DISA will sit flush with the intake opening without any pressure.

6. If something is still not correctly, take pictures and post here. Maybe someone has been in your DISA before and has done something to cause the DISA not to fully seat and/or the DISA opening to be a problem?

The DISA O-ring is a very simple and easy job to do, I find it hard to understand how there can be any installation issue with it?

Suggest you look over my post carefully, I have a lot of DISA pictures so you can see how the O-ring installation should look.
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