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Is it possible to get your app to work with Resler IBUS adapter?

I still have one these laying from when I had my CarPC installed. It worked great I was able to control the Windows PC from the steering wheel and other data on the IBUS line. Im pretty sure Android can read the IBUS data if plugged in via USB.

Let me know and ill try to test it.

Originally Posted by Fooljam View Post

Those with a rooted and non rooted D99 platforms, could you please try the iBus application for Android we are making just to see if it works on those using the Dynavin CAN bus adapter.
We have not touched this application in 2 months due to the lack of hardware availability, so I would appreciate if anyone could try this on.

Also, once installed, could you please run a LS command (Those with a terminal emulator or else) under the /dev folder and send me the output back.

iBus application for Android

Password to unrar: xl8U>1C<.tM267E

Many thanks in advance
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