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No your wrong, the problem with these forums is people like jfog who read a couple of magazines and dont have any hands on experience and think they no it all. I have been working on just bmws for over 14 yrs and it seems like this person is wasting his money swaping parts like mad.The car needs this and so on I agree with your statement about gaskets and the ccv system but if you read his post carfully its calling a missfire cyl #5 and sometimes #2 his done a vacuum leak test swapped plus, coils and injectors so that would tell me KNOWING these dme have a high faluire rate (probablly not written in the magazines that u read) that it is a possibility a ccv system failure and or leaking valve cover WILL NOT cause a miss in just #5 and sometimes #2 and whats with the no comment after somebuddie says to check fuel pressure I am simply trying to help and using my experiance as a bmw mechanic thats why I am on this forum and not to play joe cool like u r so stick that in your intake and suck it!
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