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Originally Posted by ///02bmw325i/// View Post
4 days after i posted this my car got totaled..... black ice, 2 guard rails, and a ford mustang t-boned my drivers door at 75mph. both me (240 lbs @5'10) and my passenger (105lbs @ 5'3) walked away. f87king miracle.

I'm going to hopefully be picking up a touring in the next week or so which everything will go into instead.

I do have people in the back consistently, and my thing with using the same front and rear was that the Focals have an inverted tweeter, Concave vs convex. So the spread of sound was significantly greater than with a traditional tweeter.

my main thing was i'm more curious on your opinion of the speaker size in the doors? 5.25 or 6.5s I'm considering maybe building a set of pods in the rear to put a set of focal 8" coax's in the back. ahh so many choices.

my main thing im not looking towards is bypassing the factory amp. I HATE bypasses, that and steering wheel controls.

My audi i love, im used to it and enjoy it fully. I've made people who get in the car nauseous from how loud/clear it is. i've also made a few girls need to change pants from playing certain songs with insane bass drops. even for being a sealed box, it still hits insanely loud and very low. i've used the car out at like track days when PA systems have broken,hyperfest 2010, our campsite music setup for about 40-50 people died so we just used my car. it did awesome playing outloud even with it being open down pipes and idling for roughly 5 hours. The car is going to be shown all next year, my goal is to make atleast 2 drives in it out to the west coast from either ohio or GA, where ever i keep the car at.

my goal with the next car (touring) is a single 12, single din, 2 amps, and components front and rear. maybe a set of 6's and use a jl audio g6600 i have laying around.

/random thread jack.

but yeah any advice you have for the bypass and doors, would be appreciated. i'm going to have roughly 2 days, 3 at most to do everything including sound deadening and box building.
Oh, I meant to say...sorry about the car. That really, really sucks. Heartbreak. So glad you guys walked away though the way you did...that is so amazing! Wasn't your time, I guess.
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