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Originally Posted by Burnse View Post
How about this analogy, since you brought up your e46. You spent XXX for the car and after owning it for a little while, you discovered you have ECU problems, maybe it's the way your car shifts ( granted, you probably don't drive an auto but we'll use it for simplicity ) or you're constantly getting dummy lights on the board for a sensor misread, etc. You know from reading forums that people complained to BMW and their solution is to buy a new car because it's enhanced/fixed. Would you go an buy the new car?
I really dont want to keep stretching this out but the analogy doesnt hold...

if something doesnt work on your car it gets fixed under warranty, if something doesnt work on your dynavin it gets fixed under warranty.

If there is something on your car you dont like or the car doesnt do something well (rides bad, noisy, etc) thats just the way it is, if there is something you dont like on your older dynavin or your dynavin doesnt do something well (ipod interface, old bluetooth) thats just the way it is.

you need to differentiate between product performance (how well does it do what it does) and product reliability (is it broken), those are two different things.

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