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Originally Posted by MaximumWalrus View Post
I don't THINK there is something wrong with it, I know as well as everyone does that it has the odd bug. Of course it does. Every software based product ever written has bugs. Games have bugs. iPhones have bugs. Everything has bugs. It's a fact of life.

People are just peeved that it seems to be mostly the Dynavin way (And its important to state - the Dynavin way, nothing to do with honest, hardworking resellers like Jeff) to simply bring out a new product for a bit more money than provide bug fixes and refinements for existing products. This is a poor long term business strategy, but a good quick-profit short term strategy. This is why people are irritated. Remember, the Dynavin units are NOT cheap products. Infact they are really quite expensive - it's a $300 product Dynavin sell for much more because, well, who elses are you gonna buy? Again, this is fine. I accept this and I'm ok with the premium for OEM look. But with high price comes high expectation for many.


Pre-purchase research, of which I have done much, means that really, we all know what we are getting into before we click buy. We KNOW there will be bugs. We know it's unlikely that they will be fixed before a D105 comes along for another $100. Therefore we should really take this into account before we buy and realise that what we get on Day 1 is it - all we are ever likely to get. Any updates are a bonuis, but we shouldn't expect them.

We'd all be a lot happier if we took that attitude, IMHO. Yea I know it sucks we have to, but thats the reality of the situation. Frankly we are lucky to have a product like this anyway given how old our cars are.

But it's a bit unfair to rail off at newbies who have found the forum after buying and are frustrated with issues. It's understandable why they are irritated and telling them its like buying a house and expecting a free upgrade is just daft.

And dont worry, I'll be buying one as soon as they hit the UK reseller! And it'll have bugs. And I'll contain my frustration when they fix the bugs in the D100
Agree, I now have a V5 and been waiting for a "resume" function for my ipod, when the v6 came out I was pissed. I actually tried to sell my v5 to buy a v6, when a month later I saw the V7 (D99). I don't want to buy the D99 to find out the bugs will be fixed later on the D100
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