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11 players per side, including 1 goal keeper AKA keeper, Goally.
layout is determined at the start. eg. 4-3-3, or 3-4-3, thats 4 forwards, 3 mid-fielders, 3 defenders, and goally, or 3 fwd, 4 mids, 3 defenders, and goally, respectively. You will hear them talk about this.

The game is real football, because you only use your feet, as you know. no hands, only the goally can hand the ball, and if one of his guys kicks it back to him, he cant put a hand on it then ( that wasnt always that way)

chest, shoulders, head, face, belly, all in play, just no arms, thats from where the jersey stops on down.
There isnt supposed to be any holding, but you can use your body as a shield.

When you slide tackle a person, you are not supposed to do it from the back, and if from the side, it must be clean (all ball) if you go after the opponents feet, thats a foul. If you and the goal keeper are going for it, you back off as soon as he touches it with his hand (this is also a fairly new rule, as guys use to try to fumble the goally)

There is 1 ref, and 2 linesmen, they run the sides, and help the ref decide which team has play after an incident, or whatever. and you will see them running up and down to side to try to see if there is an off sides. Thats when the opposing team kicks the ball and they have a FWD player that behind the ALL the defenders, and he was there, before the ball was kicked. this eliminates FWD hanging out behind the defenders waiting for a lucky break. if the ball is kicked and said FWD runs pass the defenders, then its fair game.

Fouls committed by the defending team inside the 18yd box, thats the bigger of the 2 boxes around each goal, can and usually results in a Penalty kick. they go to the dot, 10 yards and everyone stay on the 18 yard line and cant enter until the ball is kicked. its 1 on 1 with the goally, if goally knocks it out and someone else knocks it in, fair game, but no one moves till the kick is taken.

Other fouls may result in a free kick. which may be direct or indirect. indirect just means 2 people have to touch it, a sort of pass, but that pass may have the ball tapped with a foot and not moved, then p2 takes a shot if he choses.
Direct kick, they can shoot straight on. this is generally where you see the wall in front and the goally, or keeper telling them to move left or right so he can see the ball. i think they can be no closer than 7 ft, (dont remember)

game is 2 halves of 45 minutes each. then Overtime, which is generally time for the ball kicked outside or player laying on the field playing hurt, etc... then there is Penalty shoot out, if its still a draw. This is where each team (iirc) gets 5 shots. and winner is decided. it VERY VERY rarely goes beyond that.

ball outside on the side is a throw in. 2 hand on the ball, all the way from behind the head, and both hands must leave the ball at the same time, and both feet on the deck. else its a foul throw and the other team gets the throw in, and the players feet must not cross into the line when throwing in.

if YOUR team knocks it out to the left or right of YOUR goal, then its a corner = other team put ball on the arc in the corner of the corresponding side it went out on, and try to setup their player to score. If youre good you can curl the ball all the way in also.
If YOUR team knocks the ball out on THEIR left or right of the goal. its a their bal, and they kick from the smaller of the two boxes around the goal.

hmmm, what else am i forgetting. I think thats the gist of it. if there's anything else im sure others will add, or correct me. If you have a specific question, ask away.
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