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Originally Posted by TekNoire7 View Post
Also the leagues below it is somewhat similar to minor league baseball but not quite. The teams from the bottom tiers allow for relegation and advancing between leagues. That is how it stays so competitive. In theory if a team from league two places first in each advancing season then it can eventually make it to the top premier league. The structure is like this for most soccer leagues.
omg thank god you're here lol.

ok, so i was looking at some matches featuring teams like barnet, brentford, charlton athletic, etc.

my friends and i dont really care about watching soccer so much as we would like a real rowdy, drunken crowd that cares way too much about sports. so for example, when you go to a minor league baseball game, noone really cares about the game; it's just a nice day at the ballpark. if you go to a yankees game, people would care more; even if the yankees are playing some real sh1tty team, we'd all still cheer and watch the game. we're looking for the latter. is that the type of experience i would get from these non-premier games? the premier league tickets are insanely expensive; i can't afford them
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