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Yes, a silencer does not need 5320. If you ever get something like a SBR that does require it make sure to submit it way in advance, it usually only takes a couple weeks but from time to time it takes much longer. Ususally around the creek every year you hear about guys who could not bring there toys because they had not been approved yet.

Sometimes they will reject it if you dont have a address so "to the range" does not cut it.

Your really going to like that can, CCI standards work best with it. I am assuming you know about the sub/super sonic ammo?


About that trust.... not all trusts are the same. Make SURE it has wording in it stating who in the trust can possess the NFA items. Trusts can and have been approved but later found not to be valid, then you loose your stuff. If your trust does not state that you can possess your silencer you cant legally have access to it even though its your trust. Standard trusts do not need this type of wording so free/cheap web sites do not include it in the trusts. Double check yours just to make sure your OK, if your not correct it and contact them to let them know of the correction before it gets rejected and delays you even longer.

There's a reasion why NFA lawyers charge 600-800 for a proper nfa trust.

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