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Originally Posted by JacksonY View Post
I just got a DVN-E46 D99 WinCE installed today... I wanted android but the local distributor in Hong Kong do not stock the version. =(

However I need help with a couple of things...
I have an iPhone 4 with iOS 5.0.1...
1, I had paired my iPhone with the D99, works great, sounds okay but I guess thats as good as it gets... left my car then came back... and it occured to me that my iPhone is not automatically reconnecting to it... as did my old handsfree solution... but then my old solution had an "answer/hangup" button... just like BT headsets... pressing it will trigger the iPhone to reconnect to it... however I was unable to find this function on the Dynavin... and I had to go thru the millions of menus on my iPhone and click on the FC6000 button for it to reconnect... is there such a function or similar on these units? because the user manual is really no help...

2, It seems that the Dynavin is not able to load my phone book... whenever I tried to search for anyone... I would simply get "NO_DATA"... however... if someone calls me or if I call someone (via the headunit by manually dialing the numbers or the iPhone) I will get their contact name as entered in my iPhone. Am I doing something wrong? Because all the options are turned "ON" in my iPhone.
Ok... so you guys have an argument there but I kinda need some help here... and I feel like I am being ignored...

In addition to my previous questions, with a normal bluetooth headset, one would hold down the answer/hangup button of the headset to invoke voice control or Siri of the iPhone... how does one do that with the Dynavin?
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