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I just finished my installation of a D99 Android that I got from Jeff. Here is what I think about it so far:

Installation: I think it may be time to update the installation instructions. The HVAC and physical unit instructions are top notch and easy to follow, but it would have been really nice to know that the amp con, reverse, and brake wires are not needed. They aren't adressed in the instructions. My car has PDC and I spent at least an hour trying to find out where to connect the reverse wire. Turns out I didn't need to at all but there's no mention of it. I was also very surprised to learn that the external microphone only connects to the Android side if you get an Android unit. Running that wire up the pillar and over to the factory mic location is no easy task and a waste of time if you don't need a mic in Android.

Maybe these would make the instructions too cumbersome but there are no instructions on how to run the ipod cable to the glovebox or to the center console. I ended up running into the console, but I think the wire is getting pinched where the shift trim meets the console. Same goes for the GPS antenna. Instructions say to put it on the metal bar, but everything you read here says its better to put it on the dash but there are no instructions on how to get the wire there.

I'm sure there are dozens of DIY posts here on how to do all of these things, but that is also part of the problem. Finding answers here can be like looking for a needle in a hay stack (a hay stack filled with flame wars). Jeff's FAQs are great, but there are so many references to other units and other FAQs that its very cumbersome. I suspect thats why there are so many repeat questions that piss off so many people.

But overall the installation went fine and looks fantastic just like everyone says.

The new home page is really slick and the PDC display and OBC readouts are a great addition. But the bluetooth "upgrade" is useless. Yes, it does synch with your phone, but you have to do it all by touch. There are only a few names listed and you have to scroll by flicking. And even when you have the name you want to dial its 50/50 whether or not you'll be able to touch that name or the one above or below it. I intuitively expected the knob on the right to scroll and push to select but it doesn't. IT SHOULD DAMMIT! I don't really see how this is an improvement over dialing and it is definitely not an improvement over taking your phone out of your pocket and dialing with that. But since the external mic doesn't work, its a moot point. I know ambient noise varies a lot between cars, but in my M3 unless I'm stopped the person on the other end can't hear me at all over the sound of the car. I'll still be driving with my trusty iphone earbuds and mic which is a bummer.

The ipod interface suffers from the same scrolling problem as the phone. If you could just use that knob! I don't think its an improvement over the pics I've seen of the previous ipod interface. They have fake album artwork that makes it look like a nice interface but it sucks in reality. I hope to use Android for that instead.

So far I'm pleasantly surprised by the Android side. All the negativity here around it had me worried about slow boot times, wifi tether problems and GPS lock problems. But I had no problems with any of these on the first day. So far its been great! But I fully expect to have some of those issues down the road but its way better than I feared.

Even if there are no further improvements made to it (which I'm not counting on) its still a HUGE improvement over the factory CD player and IMO well worth the money exactly as is. Not being able to really do handsfree calling is the only big disappointment.
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